Slideshows of the III European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities

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Day 1 – 17th November 2021

Introduction session

  1. Welcome of the UNIBG Mobility Manager · Prof. Maria Rosa Ronzoni
  2. Official opening of the conference · Prof. Sergio Cavalieri, UNIBG Rector
  3. LIFE Programme’s support to sustainable mobility · Angelo Salsi · European Commission
  4. Claudia Maria Terzi, Mobility Councillor of Lombardy
  5. Arch. Stefano Zenoni, Mobility Councillor of Bergamo
  6. Ing. Dario Carnevali, Mobility Councillor of Dalmine
  7. DISA’s commitment to sustainability · Prof. Giovanna Barigozzi, Director DISA (Dipartimento Ingegneria e Scienze Applicate) · University of Bergamo
  8. Dott. Ing. Emilio Grassi, Director Agency local Public Transport for the Bergamo Basin

U·MOB Project Presentation · Ángel Giménez, U·MOB Project Coordinator · NOVOTEC

Mobility Plans; part 1

  1. Mobility Plan of University of Navarra · Juan José Pons
  2. Mobility Plan of University of Brescia · Dott. Ing. Michela Bonera
  3. Net zero by 2030 – how e bike share and EV infrastructure can support the transition · Katy Boom · University of Worcester
  4. Mobility Plan of University of Milano Bicocca · Dott. Massimiliano Rossetti
  5. Reducing the environmental footprint due to mobility · Estibaliz Sáez · University of the Basque Country

Mobility Managers at Universities: role and tools

  1. Videos “Mobility Manager Role at Italian Universities” · Prof. Maria Rosa Ronzoni · University of Bergamo 
  2. Lessons learned from 10 months of mobility management at the University of Stuttgart · Dott. Laura Schlowak
  3. Tools developed within U·MOB Project · Alfonso Cadenas · Fundación Equipo Humano

Between tradition and innovation

  1. Bike to work project by University of Pavia · Davide Barbieri, Mobility Manager
  2. The academic migration towards electrification of road transport: restrains and benefits, from the analysis to the action · Prof. Bruno Dalla Chiara · Polytechnic University of Torino

Working together; part 1

  1. Municipal peer-to-peer learning for sustainable urban mobility · Alice Balbo · German Association of Cities. UCLG United Cities and Local Governments
  2. POLIS Cities and regions for transport innovation · Francesco Ripa
  3. UITP International Association of Public Transport · Emmanuel Dommergues
  4. Cycling to university – best practices from around Europe and the Cycle Friendly Employer Certification · Holger Haubold · ECF European Cyclists’ Federation
  5. Presentation of U·MOB-MUV Tournament and and Tournament Results & Data · Ilaria Marino / Domenico Schillaci · MUV B Corp

Mobility at COVID times

  1. Psycho-attitudinal factors on travel mode choices at the time of COVID-Sars 19 · Dott. Francesca Bruno · University of Salerno

Day 2 – 18th November 2021

Innovative and creative solutions

  1. Bike2UniBG, a guerrilla wayfinding experience in Bergamo · Prof. Gabriele Torri · University of Bergamo
  2. Implementation of a mobility app to reduce the carbon footprint related to home university commuting · Prof. Francesco Fontanella / Ing. Gabriele Lozupone · University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
  3. The involvement of students in the University Mobility Management · Dott. Ing. Michela Bonera · University of Brescia
  4. PRINCE project - rewards and incentives for sustainable mobility · Prof. Francesca Pirlone / Dott. Selena Candia · Sustainable Group, University of Genoa

Mobility plans; part 2 

  1. Towards sustainable mobility at the University of La Rioja · Pilar Nájera
  2. Implementation of mobility systems at the University of Valladolid · Eva Hernández
  3. Strategic plan for sustainable mobility of the UPV · Cristina Martí / Carmen Bellver
  4. Implementation and development of Sustainable Mobility Plans at Jaume I University · Javier Calbo

Promotion of active mobility

  1. Data-based understanding and optimization of sustainability of university mobility: two case studies in the promotion of active mobility · Prof. Andrea Scagni / Dott. Micol Maggiolini · University of Turin
  2. Bicycle lanes as an instrument for the active mobility · Ing. Daniela Santilli / Prof. Mauro D’Apuzzo · University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
  3. Case study of campus’ pedestrian transformation · Rafael Requena · Autonomous University of Barcelona
  4. Measures for active mobility in the Mobility Plan of Politecnico di Milano · Eleonora Perotto / Giada Messori

Working together; part 2

  1. The Role of the RUS and Mobility management at Universities, the Italian Universities’ experience · Prof. Patrizia Lombardi / President Rus / Prof. Matteo Colleoni · RUS mobility group coordinator
  2. Sustainable mobility at Nordic Sustainable Campus Network · Kristina von Oelreich · Chair of the network from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Video of sustainable trips · Rafael Requena · CRUE Sustainability network

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